iSupport is InfoTrack's customer care platform that allows users to keep track of their orders that are pending (waiting certificates) and gives them the option to "Chase" them down without the need for a phone call. It's also an inbox for system updates, messages and notifications that allow users to keep track of everything within InfoTrack without needing to go through emails or even make a phone call if possible. 

One of my first tasks at InfoTrack in January 2016 was to update the original iSupport UI with a slight upgrade that still fit with the existing UI. This included using a progress bar as pictured below.

At the time we decided to update the entire UI/UX for the InfoTrack platform, I revisited the iSupport screens and redesigned them to fit with the new InfoTrack UI I had designed. 
Below are some examples of different versions I came up with for the page. 

New iSupport Design

Original iSupport Design (January 2016)

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